Dana White Teases ‘Real Ballsy Move’ For Zuffa Boxing

Dana White Reveals

Dana White is planning to make a big move with Zuffa Boxing soon.

We are halfway through 2018 and the UFC President has yet to get Zuffa Boxing off the ground yet.

If you recall, just a few months ago, White was briefly linked to heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. At the time, it was noted that the two sides were working on a deal but White shot that down.

White got back into the boxing world and this time as a promoter last year when he handled things for former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor when he fought boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

White told Mario Lopez on his ON With Mario show that believes he can “do it better” than what’s currently in the world of boxing.

“It’s so broken and so fragmented,” White said. (Via The Mac Life) It’s just, how do you do it? I’m still poking around figuring out how do I do this? How do I get into this and make it work. First of all if I sign a couple of guys, which I could do, I could go out and sign a couple of big stars — who they gonna fight? In my world, I have 550 fighters under contract, so I can make any fight I want to make. You have to have a deep roster to make great fights. So I wouldn’t have a deep roster right out the gates.

“I’m still poking around. You’re gonna see, coming up here soon I’m going to make a real ballsy move here pretty soon. We’ll see how it pans out.”

White also made it clear that he is critical of boxers playing it safe in the ring once they become big superstars. White thinks that this doesn’t happen inside of the Octagon under the UFC banner.

“I just think that when you get guys in boxing that become huge superstars, it’s almost like they don’t want to fight anymore,” he said. “Whether it’s not engaging in the ring, and trying to do just enough to win and just enough to not lose and you don’t see that in the UFC, man. When these guys come to fight, they come to fight. We stack the card, and I think we put on the best live event in all of sports.”