Danny Garcia Explains Why He’s Moving Up To 154lbs

Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia has opened up on why he is making the move to 154lbs.

Garcia will be moving up to super welterweight on July 30 against Jose Benavidez Jr. at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The former 140 and 147-pound champion will be fighting for the first time since he lost to Errol Spence Jr., but for Garcia, he says the stakes are high for his return.

“I feel great and look good. It’s the Danny Garcia show, another day another dollar. I can’t complain,” Garcia told FightHype.com. “I got to best this Benavidez kid, and then we’re off to bigger and better things. I’m doing like I always do my whole career, taking it one fight at a time.” 

Garcia will be a lot smaller than Benavidez Jr., but he doesn’t think that will play a role in the fight. Instead, he believes his skills will just to be too much for his foe.

“It’s not about size. It’s about skills, heart, and determination, and how bad you want it. I believe in myself, and that’s all it takes,” said Garcia. “You could be the biggest guy in the world, but if I’m smart and I believe in myself more and I want it more, I can take it from you. That’s all it’s about – believing in yourself.”

Along with wanting to test himself, Danny Garcia says he is making the move to 154lbs to cement himself as a Hall of Famer and all-time great.

“Definitely we definitely want to be in the Hall of Fame. That’s why we do this, to put our names in the history books. That’s why I’m going up to 154 because I want to be a legend, I want to be a guy that’s fearless. A person that’s not afraid to fail, takes risks,” said Garcia. “No risk, no reward. That’s been me my whole career. We always want to do bigger and better things. That’s why we’re doing this. Not because we have to, because we want to. It’s a big difference.”

Do you think Danny Garcia is a Hall of Famer?