David Benavidez Explains Why He Wanted Caleb Plant Right Away

David Benavidez

David Benavidez wanted Caleb Plant right away and is thankful the fight was made.

Benavidez has been vocal about calling for marquee fights and accusing fighters of ducking him. After Benavidez TKO’d David Lemieux he called for a big fight and instead was offered Jose Uzcategui, which was disappointing for Benavidez as he made it clear he wanted Caleb Plant or a big fight.

“That’s why I was really worried,” Benavidez told BoxingScene.com. “I kind of got in trouble when I did an interview and was talking about what fights I was being offered. But if you go back and listen, I wasn’t talking bad about PBC, I was talking about the fighters that were making us look bad. I was frustrated. I wanted to get a fight with David Morrell in November. That didn’t happen so I was really frustrated. So, they just kind of caught me at the “right” time. I was frustrated and it came out of me.”

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed David Benavidez would face Caleb Plant on March 25 which was exciting for him. He says this is a fight he wanted and even told Al Haymon to get it done, which he is glad he did.

“To be honest, that’s what made the fight happen,” insisted Benavidez. “Al Haymon called a couple of days later and asked me straight up, ‘What do you want to do, David? Do you want to fight Uzcategui or do you want to go straight into a fight with Caleb Plant? ’I told Al I wanted to go straight into the fight with Caleb Plant. He respected that and he made it happen. I was vocal about not being happy. It all played out in my favor.

“But before then, yeah there was a time where I was like, fuck it. If these fights don’t happen I just have to move up to 175,” Benavidez added. “The thing about this is, I can milk this. I get paid well. I can fight whoever I want. But I don’t want to lose fans. I don’t want to be the type of fighter that fans start talking shit about, complaining that we’re wasting their money by not giving them the fights the deserve. I care a lot about my fans and want to give them the best fights.”

David Benavidez is currently 26-0 and is defending his WBC interim super middleweight title against Caleb Plant.

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