David Haye Thinks He Would’ve Beat Tyson Fury Had They Fought In 2013

One of the most iconic figures in British boxing David Haye had a storied career where he faced off against some of the sports all-time greats. However, one fight that was on the cusp of being made fell through at the last hurdle. That fight was against Tyson Fury, arguably boxings biggest current star, who is set to face off against Anthony Joshua in 2021.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Haye discussed how the fight nearly came about in 2013. Haye was confident that he would’ve got the best of Fury back then. When asked how he would’ve defeated the ‘Gypsy King,’ Haye stated the following:

“Using my speed, using my punch power. Back then in 2013, I believe it was; Tyson Fury wasn’t the fighter he is today. He was very young; he was very inexperienced. He wasn’t as teak-tough as he is now. He hadn’t been through the trials and tribulations that’s made him the man and fighter he is today” (transcribed via Boxing 247).

Haye isn’t wrong in this assessment. Fury had struggled against boxers like Steve Cunningham, Nevin Pajkic, and Big John McDermott around that time. Haye would have at least provided a similar challenge to Fury, who was relatively inexperienced back then.

Haye stated that:

“It would have been the perfect bit of matchmaking on my fight if I was able to get him. A baby, in boxing terms. He had been heavily knocked down by a non-punching cruiserweight in Steve Cunningham, so it was a perfect storm for me, but the fight didn’t happen. I got a cut before the fight, and it never took place.”

Who do you think would’ve won had Tyson Fury and David Haye fought in 2013? Let us know in the comments.