Deontay Wilder Believes Oleksandr Usyk Will Stick To His Word And Face The Winner Of His Fight Next

Deontay Wilder believes Oleksandr Usyk is a man of his word and will be ringside of his fight in two weeks.

Wilder is set to return to the ring on Saturday, October 15 in Brooklyn, New York against Robert Helenius. It’s the first time Wilder is fighting since the back-to-back defeats to Tyson Fury and in the lead-up to the scrap, Usyk said he would be ringside as he wants the winner. However, many questioned if that is true but Wilder believes that will be the case.

“I heard about the Usyk situation and he’s going to be there. I hold Usyk to be a man of his word,” Wilder said to Sky Sports. “If Usyk’s saying he wants to give me an opportunity for the titles then that’s what I’m holding his word to. I always tell people that I don’t look past fighters but I do look through them, there’s nothing wrong with that, being confident in yourself and looking ahead once this chapter is closed.

“I’ve got to handle business at the end of the day. Without handling business then nothing else is moving forward. I’m taking it one fight at a time,” Wilder continued. “I’m taking it all in one day at a time. Once I’ve accomplished and finished what I have to do with Robert then I’ll move on and I’ll be looking forward to the next challenge, whether it’s Usyk or whether it’s anybody else.”

If Deontay Wilder does defeat Robert Helenius – and gets a knockout that he’s after, it would only add to the appeal of fighting for another world title against Oleksandr Usyk. The timing also works out as Usyk has said he wants to fight in the first quarter of 2023 and fighting Wilder would be another big payday and another massive fight.

Yet, in order for any of that to happen, Wilder will need to beat Helenius in his return to the ring in two weeks’ time.

Do you think Deontay Wilder will fight Oleksandr Usyk next?

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