Deontay Wilder Explains Why He Didn’t Fire Jay Deas


Deontay Wilder has finally explained why he didn’t fire his trainer Jay Deas, following his loss to Tyson Fury. Wilder, of course, fired trainer Mark Breland for throwing in the towel but Wilder said Deas did get yelled at.

“Believe it, Jay got a mouthful,” Wilder told Custer on The Last Stand Podcast (via boxingscene). “Believe that, believe that. I didn’t fire him because he didn’t go against my will or what I’ve been preaching about for five years.”

“I don’t care what situation I’m in or how it looks at the end of the day,” Wilder later added. “I signed up for this, I chose boxing. Can’t nobody help me in the ring. It’s a team effort, but it’s an individual sport. When I go in the ring I can’t get water when I want it, unless the time ends, and I can’t tag in or call timeout.

“So with that being said as a warrior and if you don’t know anything about being a warrior then you won’t understand anything what I’m saying,” Wilder said. “Anybody that hasn’t been in an altercation and dealing with life and death, blood and guts, you see, we all grew up differently. That’s why people can’t relate. Some people can, certain people can’t.”

Dean was tasked with overlooking the wrapping of Tyson Fury’s hands. Of course, Wilder has accused Fury of having something in his glove which is part of the reason why he believes he lost. However, Dean did get in trouble but will still be part of his team for his next fight.

The former heavyweight champion has hired former heavyweight contender Malik Scott as an assistant coach on his team. When Wilder’s next fight will be and who it will be against is unknown at this time.

What do you make of Deontay Wilder‘s reason why he didn’t fire Jay Deas.