Devin Haney Plans To Prove That Vasyl Lomachenko ‘Is Not A Master Boxer’


Devin Haney is confident his next fight will be against Vasyl Lomachenko and he’s confident he will get his hand raised.

Bob Arum has indicated that the fight between Haney and Lomachenko would be next in what would be a massive fight for both men. According to Haney, he says he is ready whenever and is pushing for it to happen before Ramadan.

β€œIt was a good meeting. I’m willing to fight whenever, wherever. I’ve said this numerous times. I should have the say and the power to determine when I’m fighting,” Haney told Thaboxingvoice. β€œThese promoters and networks really have all the say, if you realize. As much as we fighters wished we had the say, what can we do? I love to fight, no matter when it is. I’m going to be victorious. March, May. Whoever, whenever. I’m going to be ready. But I would love to do it before Ramadan.”

A big reason why Haney has confidence heading into the fight is due to the fact he thinks Lomachenko is too small for him. The two had a face-off in the ring and Haney says Lomachenko was too small.

β€œHe was definitely a lot smaller than I thought he was,” said Haney. β€œA lot of people say he’s not a real lightweight. He is a smaller guy. The lightweight division is not really his class. He’s also been winning at the weight, so you can’t say that … He’s been at this weight class now for a while. He’s had time to set in.” 

Ultimately, if he fight happens, Devin Haney knows he will keep his 0 and prove Lomachenko is not a master boxer.

β€œHe might be a master [boxer] to Bob but he’s not a master to me. He’s a fighter and human just like me. I will show that he ain’t no master,” said Haney.Β 

Would you like to see Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko?