Dmitry Bivol Says If He Rematches Canelo Alvarez He Needs To Get What He Deserves

Dmitry Bivol

Dmitry Bivol says if he is going to rematch Canelo Alvarez, he needs to get what he deserves.

Bivol is the current unbeaten WBA light heavyweight champion and was a sizeable underdog against Canelo Alvarez on Saturday. Many expected Alvarez to get his hand raised once again as he has proven that size doesn’t matter. But, Bivol fought a smart fight and got his hand raised by decision and now he says if he’s going to get a rematch, he needs to be paid what he deserves.

“First of all, my dream is to be the undisputed champion,” Bivol said after the win. “And I got this opportunity to fight against the best guy and I took this fight on terms of getting the opportunity. That’s all I cared about. And I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me. And right now, my goal is to receive what I deserve. If the rematch is gonna happen, I just have to make sure that I get what I deserve because I don’t think that in the previous fight, as a champion, I got what I deserved.”

According to Eddie Hearn, whether or not a rematch happens is solely up to Canelo Alvarez as he has the rematch clause. The promoter is uncertain if the Mexican will trigger it to rematch Bivol.

“We have a rematch clause in this fight, but it’s ultimately up to Saul to active it,” Hearn said. “You can’t advise Canelo Alvarez. He wants the challenges. And I said it before this fight, it’s almost like he wants to handicap himself in these fights, to be in tough fights. He ruled at 160, he ruled at 168. I said in the buildup that he has no right to be at 175 – and you saw that tonight. And if he’s going to trigger that rematch clause, which I fully expect him to do, he’s going to have to come back with a brilliant performance. Right now, Dmitry’s confidence is going to be on another level. We know the plans with Gennadiy Golovkin, that’s on the shelf. The big rematch with Dmitry Bivol in September is now in play.”

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