Dmitry Bivol’s Team Says If Canelo Alvarez Loses To Gennady Golovkin They Won’t Rematch Him

Dmitry Bivol

The stakes are high for Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night as Dmitry Bivol’s team says they won’t rematch the Mexican if he loses to Gennady Golovkin.

Alvarez and Golovkin are set to have their highly-anticipated trilogy match on Saturday in Las Vegas. Although Alvarez is 1-0-1 against ‘GGG’ many thought Golovkin won both fights so there is pressure on both of them to prove they are better.

To add to that, Alvarez is coming off a decision loss to Bivol and has said he wants the rematch but his team has come out and said if Alvarez loses, there will be no rematch.

“If Canelo loses Golovkin, then we’re not fighting in the rematch with him either,” Vadim Kornilov, Bivol’s manager, told and a small group of reporters while otherwise discussing Bivol’s upcoming WBA light heavyweight title defense against Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez. “I heard him say that he’s not fighting Bivol if he lost to Ramirez. If [Canelo] lost to Golovkin, we’re not fighting Golovkin.”

Although Dmitry Bivol vs. Canelo Alvarez 2 would be a massive fight, Bivol’s manager said there is no obligation for them to do the rematch. Yet, they know if Alvarez wins on Saturday, it would add to the hype of the rematch.

“There is no obligation for the rematch to occur,” insisted Kornilov. “We can make it happen. We have an agreement that if the fight can be made, we will make it. Our partnership with Matchroom [Boxing], we can always make it work. It’s a big money fight. But if he lost to Golovkin, it’s not that big of a fight anymore and we can just go fight somebody else.”

Bivol, meanwhile, also has to defeat Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez but should that happen and Alvarez wins, it seems likely a rematch will be next.

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