Canelo Alvarez Claims Gennady Golovkin Knows He Lost The Rematch But Will Never Admit It

Canelo Alvarez fully believes Gennady Golovkin knows he lost the rematch.

Both fights between Alvarez and Golovkin were very close and many thought ‘GGG’ could’ve gotten his hand raised. The first fight was a draw with Alvarez winning the second, however, Golovkin has said it was a robbery and he clearly won, which the Mexican doesn’t agree with.

“He knows he lost,” Alvarez said at his grand arrival, “but he’s never gonna say it.”

Canelo Alvarez believes he won both fights but he knows they were both close. Yet, he thinks he did enough to win, yet there were some bad scorecards that didn’t think the fight was close which Alvarez says he can’t control.

“I’m fine. I know I won both fights, not just one,” Alvarez said. “But look, when that kind of fight is really close, the people is always in [disagreement]. Some people are gonna say, ‘He won.’ Others say, ‘No, he won.’ Close fights, but that’s good for boxing… Maybe it’s that [Byrd’s scorecard], but I can’t control that, right? It is what it is.”

Now, ahead of the trilogy match on Saturday in Las Vegas, Canelo Alvarez is confident he won’t just beat Gennady Golovkin but will KO him. However, his trainer says he expects a very tough fight on Saturday.

“It’s a complicated fight for both of them, very tough because they already know each other, they are high-level fighters, with a good punch and it will be a very tough fight,” Reynoso told Little Giant Boxing. “We have to work as always, we had a good 24 rounds against Golovkin, and we have to make [the rounds] even better [in the trilogy]. Saúl at 168 has looked very strong, he is the champion of the four [sanctioning] organizations and we have to prove [his status] and what he learned [since the first two bouts].”

Do you think Canelo Alvarez won the Gennady Golovkin rematch?