Eddie Hearn Aims To Release A Boxing Computer Game In 2021

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports is hoping to help create a boxing computer game that could be released in 2021.

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has previously talked about creating a new boxing game. Boxing fans have been abandoned by the major gaming companies in recent years. EA was the last company to release a boxing game. Fight Night Champion came out in 2011 but the gaming giant appears to have no desire to re-enter the boxing market.

Speaking to Sky Sports Hearn revealed he is pressing ahead with his idea to create a boxing game but EA will not be involved, he said. “I have no clue about gaming, but what I do have a clue about is trends, demand, social media, and numbers.

“Every time I talk about a boxing game, it goes berserk. I spoke to our friends at EA, they’re doing plenty on the UFC, so we’re talking to other game developers and I’m giving them my ideas.

Hearn received thousands of replies on social media after he announced his idea to create a new boxing game during a Q&A. The Matchroom promoter has since started discussing his plans with people in the gaming industry.  

“We’ve had meetings with major game software operators. It’s something I know will work. I know the demand for it. I understand EA is concentrating on UFC games, but other companies are interested and I think it’s really exciting.”

Hearn is feeling positive the game will be made and while he admits an announcement is not imminent, he is confident of getting something released by the end of 2021, he said.

“I’m going to say it’s around the corner but we’ve held talks and there’s plenty of interest. It’ll be 2021 at the earliest, it’ll take time, but it’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure.”

Do you think Eddie Hearn can help deliver a boxing computer game by 2021?

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