Eddie Hearn Hopes Nate Diaz Wins But Expects Jake Paul To Stop Him


Eddie Hearn is hoping Nate Diaz will beat Jake Paul in August.

Paul is coming off his first career loss to Tommy Fury in February and many expected a rematch would happen. However, that didn’t happen as Paul turned his attention to Nate Diaz, and the two are booked to fight on August 5 in Dallas, Texas.

Paul is a sizeable betting favorite but Eddie Hearn – who once promoted Paul – is hoping the former UFC fighter wins. However, he doesn’t think the fight goes well for Diaz as he expects Paul to get a KO win.

“With Nate, no one knows. He could get completely smashed to pieces in a round, or he could be a great fighter. I hear he used to spar with Andre Ward and stuff like this,” Hearn told the Matchroom Youtube channel (h/t BoxingScene). “If you’re asking me, Jake Paul beats him comfortably. I really like Nate Diaz and I hope he wins – mainly so he doesn’t put me to sleep on the concrete! But I think he gets stopped.”

Although Eddie Hearn thinks Jake Paul finishes Nate Diaz, he thinks Diaz made a smart move securing the boxing match with Paul.

“The danger with a warmup fight or an interim fight is people can find out how bad you actually are or, if you got talent, people can find out how good you are, but it’s a risky game because you are rolling the dice for small money and you may lose the opportunity at a big fight. What I like that Nate [Diaz] has done, is no one knows. He could get completely smashed to pieces in a round or he could be a great fighter,” Hearn said.

Do you think Nate Diaz will lose to Jake Paul?