Floyd Mayweather Entourage Member Punches Fan After Photo Request Rejected (Video)

Floyd Mayweather

One of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage members recently got mixed up in a physical confrontation during the Money Team’s visit to a mall in Las Vegas.

TMZ reports that Mayweather and company were leaving the House Of Hoops store on Thanksgiving eve when a worker at a kiosk approached Mayweather for a photo. The employee, who is Juan Calderon, told TMZ he was trying to get a photo for a co-worker who was too shy to ask himself. However, Mayweather rejected the photo request.

In response, Calderon told the Mayweather group they were “acting like d**ks.” Then, a Mayweather team member confronted Calderon for his comments, when Calderon told the member Floyd should take photos with his fans. Calderon then said the team member tried to smooth things over and shake his hand, to which Calderon refused. After that, another Mayweather team member noticed Calderon was still looking Mayweather’s way, and approached Calderon to confront him for the insults.

That team member can be seen in mall camera footage wearing a TMT shirt, throwing a couple of punches at Calderon, and landing 3-5 of them. Calderon said Mayweather was right there as the attack happened. Calderon went to the hospital for a CT scan, and no brain injuries were found. He also filed a police report, and local law enforcement confirmed they responded to a “simple battery incident” at the mall on Wednesday around 9:30 p.m.

Mayweather sources told TMZ that Calderon was antagonizing “Money,” and was looking for a fight, and likely a lawsuit. You be the judge, and check out the footage below.

What do you think about one of Mayweather’s crew members punching the fan after having his photo request rejected?

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