Francis Ngannou Believes He Could Match Up With Boxing’s Elite

Francis Ngannou is still not giving up on his boxing dreams.

“The Predator” has long spoken of his desire to eventually compete in the sport of boxing and nothing has changed. In a recent interview, Ngannou spoke about his first love and how he aims to check a box by taking part in the sweet science.

“Definitely, there’s not a doubt about it,” Ngannou told “I want to crossover. I want to make a statement in the boxing world because that was my first love, that was my first dream.

“Before MMA came around, I was all about boxing. At some point in my life I have to do whatever I like, whatever I love to do, to check all those boxes in my life timeline to do things.”

Ngannou is also aiming high.

He has already targeted WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and believes with the right preparation, he can hang with the rest of the elite in the sport such as Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

In all likelihood, however, he will need to test himself first before facing off against the best heavyweight boxers in the world:

“Honestly I think, obviously with good preparation I can matchup with any of those guys,” Ngannou added. “But once again, I’m not just going there for one shot, so I’m probably going to have multiple fights that will give me more opportunity to matchup with many of those guys, if it’s not all of them. I’m really willing to do that.”

Do you think we’ll see Ngannou in the boxing world?