Francis Ngannou Knows There Isn’t The Element Of Surprise Against Anthony Joshua

Francis Ngannou knows his bout against Anthony Joshua will be harder than Tyson Fury.

In his boxing debut, Ngannou took on Fury in an intriguing matchup, and the former UFC heavyweight champ had success. He dropped Fury and many thought he should have won, and Ngannou still believes he was robbed.

“I’ve been saying this from that night but I was robbed,” Ngannou told Daily Mail. “But I think I also brought a lot from that fight. The Top 10 and all that stuff, to be honest I’m skeptical towards getting involved in the boxing politics. I’m just here to figure out the good fights and to get them. What happens a lot is boxing politics control some fights and stop great fights from happening, because everyone is concerned about the rankings or positions.

“They need to win, be at like 20-0, even if it means they haven’t fought anybody. That’s certainly something I don’t really care about. In combat sports it’s always risky to take a fight. There’s a risk you can lose – of course you want to win. When you want to be world champion, you’re going to have to face the most ferocious fighters, elite fighters who have the same dream as you. To keep your dream alive you have to kill somebody,” Ngannou continued.

Although Francis Ngannou believes he was robbed, he still gets a big fight against Anthony Joshua in March. It’s a massive fight, and although Fury is the champ, Ngannou thinks this will be a harder matchup for him due to the element of surprise no longer being there.

“Obviously the most complex now is AJ because I haven’t fought him. I watched the fight and he looked good. He was showing all the right signs even though Wallin wasn’t threatening anything at all. AJ did his job and did great,” Ngannou said.

“Right after the fight I started to think about what could be next. I realized next time there won’t be the surprise element. Now I’m exposed and everyone will be very prepared. Tyson didn’t know exactly what he was getting into. That will make my life more difficult. I don’t think the hardest puncher means anything. Anybody can knock anybody out in the heavyweight division. The most important thing is to find your spot and know your punch,” Ngannou continued.

Do you think Francis Ngannou will beat Anthony Joshua?

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