George Kambosos Jr. Believes Devin Haney Was Hurt Every Time He Landed, Complains It Was A Boring Fight

George Kambosos Jr.

George Kambosos Jr. believes he had hurt Devin Haney a ton which is why he wants to run it back with the now champ.

Kambosos Jr. dropped a rather one-sided decision to Haney but he believes it was a close fight. He thinks he landed the better shots and had hurt Haney multiple times while the now champ was just holding the entire time which made it a bad fight.

“I felt when I landed my punches he was hurt every time. But the ref didn’t give us any help with the holding. I’m not going to take anything away from him. He just did what he does: he taps and runs. Very boring. I wanted to give this crowd a great fight, I tried my best. Any time it got hard for him, he held a lot. The referee should’ve warned him. I wasn’t frustrated, but the ref should have done his job,” Kambosos Jr. said to Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s been a long time [since I lost a fight]. But how can I feel sad when the guy didn’t want to fight? It wasn’t like I got beat up. I’m not hurt at all. I feel like I’ve had half a fight — it was boring.”

Given George Kambosos Jr. was the champ, he says the plan is to trigger the immediate rematch clause. According to the former champ, he wants the rematch to happen ASAP and hopes Haney stays in Australia to make it happen soon.

“I’d fight tomorrow if I could,” Kambosos Jr. said. “I have to be aware of his holding. I have to be aware of changing my angles. Be a little bit sharper. I was off pace with a few things. Anyway … I’ll come back. Now I’ll see who the real people are there were with me for the right reason.”

What do you make of George Kambosos Jr. saying he hurt Devin Haney multiple times?

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