Golden Boy President Says They’re In A Good Spot With Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia

Golden Boy president Eric Gomez says he and Ryan Garcia now have a good working relationship.

Golden Boy recently filed a lawsuit against Garcia earlier this year to enforce their contract with the boxer, which started a back-and-forth. Although it did get into the legal system, Gomez says he and Garcia are on the same page.

“It’s funny because, the best way to describe it, there were just some misunderstandings and communications breakdowns,” Gomez said on The 3 Knockdown Rule (h/t BoxingScene). “You know if you get together and talk and communicate, you’d be surprised how much you can get through to people and give your point of view and he gave his point of view.

“I think we’re at a place now where we can move forward and keep working. Look, we were able to get December done. And he wants to keep fighting and he wants to fight the best and we want to keep promoting his fights. So that’s what we’re going to do. Look, at the end of the day, he’s a professional, we’re professionals, Oscar’s a professional as well, and we can put all that stuff to the side and keep moving forward and do business,” Gomez continued.

Although it did have to go into the legal system, Gomez says that is part of the business but is confident he and Ryan Garcia have put it behind him.

“Unfortunately, it’s part of our business,” Gomez continued. “When you do your job well, exceptionally well, it’s unfortunate because you build a guy and you make him a big star like we’d done with Ryan—and Oscar personally put him under his wing and pretty much on his back and used his influence, everything, our platform, Oscar’s brand, everything behind him and you’re always going to get the naysayers. You’re gonna get people from all walks of life.

“Now with social media, anybody can reach anybody. They can say all these things to these fighters and these fighters don’t have the time to verify everything,” Gomez concluded.

Ryan Garcia is expected to return on Dec. 12 at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas against Oscar Duarte in his 140lbs debut.

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