Hollywood Actor Says Adelaide Byrd’s Canelo-GGG Scorecard Was ‘Criminal’

Mario Lopez is best known for his successful career as a Hollywood actor, but he also happens to be an avid combat sports fan and the host of a boxing podcast.

With that being said, Lopez was in attendance for last weekend’s (Sept. 16, 2017) middleweight title clash between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

Like many, Lopez enjoyed the fight, although he wasn’t pleased with the decision. Many had felt as if Golovkin had done enough to be named the winner, although the judges ruled it a split-draw:

“This fight was a great fight,” Lopez told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour. “I think it delivered on its promises: It got intense, it got heated. It’s hard to root against either fighter, I happen to know both fighters — I’ve actually sparred with both fighters — and I know them well and they’re gentlemen outside of the ring. They’re class acts, they’re really cool, but I felt like the nod should’ve maybe gone to Gennady.

“When it was all said and done, he initiated most of the action, he let his hands go through more, he had the constant pressure. And although Canelo showed resilience, a stout set of whiskers, he looked comfortable at middleweight, he countered, I just felt like fighting in 30 second spurts wasn’t enough.”

To make matters worse, judge Adalaide Byrd scored the bout 118-110 for “Canelo”, a score that Lopez labeled as ‘criminal’:

“You should never know a judge’s name, and whenever the judge is starting to get more (publicity) and it’s overshadowing a really good fight between two of the best boxers in the world, that’s just such a stain on the evening,” Lopez explained.

“She literary gave ‘GGG’ two rounds of the fight. That was criminal. She should’ve been arrested. It looks like a predetermined scorecard from the get. And the irony was that there was a lot of buzz that she should’ve not been involved from the get. She’s judged hundreds of these before and she’s been met with controversy before, so it was unfortunate. The other two judges had it a little more in line.”

Ultimately, Lopez acknowledged how close the bout was, concluding that it wasn’t the worst decision he’s ever seen:

“It was very, very close,” Lopez said. “It’s not the worst decision in the world and I’m not incredibly upset about the draw, a rematch would’ve been warranted regardless if Gennady would have gotten the nod. I think regardless they could’ve done it again and everyone wins.” 

The two camps have supposedly begun discussions regarding a potential rematch, which could take place in May 2018.

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