John Fury Claims Oleksandr Usyk Is ‘Not Worthy Of 50-50’ Split With Tyson Fury


John Fury doesn’t think Oleksandr Usyk is worthy of a 50-50 split with Tyson Fury.

Usyk vs. Fury is a massive fight and one many hope will get made soon. Yet, the contract negotiations have been an issue as many think a 50-50 split makes sense, but Bob Arum said if the fight happens in the UK, a 50-50 split doesn’t make sense.

“Everybody agreed that if [Saudi Arabia’s] offer comes through and it’s real, that’s how we’ll go,” Arum, whose company co-promotes Fury with Warren’s Queensberry Promotions. “If not, we’ll do the fight at Wembley… The fighters have agreed to fight. I spoke to Frank Warren. We’re giving them until [this] week to come with their offer, which I believe we’ll get. If we don’t, then we’re gonna do the fight at Wembley. And then we’d have to talk about the percentages because Usyk wants 50-50. That’s not right if the fight’s at Wembley because there will be 95,000 Brits at the fight and big Brit pay-per-view money, so Tyson deserves the lion’s share.

“But we don’t get to that point if the [investors in Saudi Arabia] come through, because the way they operate is they make deals with each of the fighters,” Arum added. “We’ve been led to believe that they’re going to come with a proposal [this] week. I’ll believe it when I see it, but it’s not like they haven’t come through in the past.”

However, if the fight happens in the Middle East, perhaps a 50-50 split is right. But, John Fury doesn’t think Oleksandr Usyk is worthy of a 50-50 split with Tyson Fury, as he says his son is the massive star.

“Again, treat Tyson like a great champion he is,” John Fury told iD Boxing (via BoxingScene). “Stop being, trying to be the A-side. Usyk is not Tyson’s equal. Fall in line, you’ll get the fight done. Do not respect Tyson, you won’t get the fight. Simple as that. Tyson’s the A-side. Usyk is not worthy of 50-50. He couldn’t sell the [20,000-seat] O2 [arena] out. So, fall in line and you might get the fight.”

As of right now, whether or not Fury vs. Usyk happens next is still uncertain.

Do you think Oleksandr Usyk should get a 50-50 split with Tyson Fury?