Logan Paul Believes He Can Knock Out Floyd Mayweather In Rematch


Logan Paul expects a rematch with Floyd Mayweather to go very differently.

Paul shocked the world when he lasted the full eight rounds in his exhibition boxing match with Mayweather last month.

However, that said more about Mayweather than Paul as while many expected the former to coast through the early rounds, they also expected the latter to eventually get knocked out.

Of course, that never happened with many speculating that the size difference played a big factor.

And as far as Paul is concerned, those eight rounds were enough to convince him that with more training, he can knock “Money” out in a rematch.

“Let me ask you what you would rather see, Jake Paul versus Floyd, or me versus Floyd again?” Logan asked TMZ (via Middle Easy). “Because, let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out. Promise.”

Whether that would happen remains to be seen (and is very unlikely). However, Mayweather did look extremely poor by his standards given the level of his competition.

Perhaps Paul could campaign for a rematch a few years down the line as Father Time continues to catch up with Mayweather.

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