Luke Campbell Disgusted With Scorecards In Ryan Garcia Bout

Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell has voiced his disgust with the scorecards for his fight with Ryan Garcia.

The British standout started well against Garica, scoring a big knockdown early in the fight. However, by round five Campbell was in trouble and only survived the stanza due to a well-timed bell. In round seven Garcia landed a picture-perfect body shot to drop Campbell who was unable to beat the count.

Before the stoppage, all three judges had Garcia well ahead. Rey Danseco had scored the fight 86-56, while Mark Lyson and Glenn Feldman both had it 58-55.  In an interview with IFL TV shortly after arriving back home in England Campbell raised concerns with the scoring of his fight with Garcia.

“I would have had to knock him out to win,” Campbell said. “I thought it would be more fair on the scorecards, the scorecards, what I got told, were stupid, because for me it was a very competitive fight. Nothing much in the fight between us both by that point, but what some of those scorecards I was reading were so biased.”

“Now I’m thinking, bloody hell, it was probably lose-lose for me anyhow because if I had beaten him – which I would have never gotten a points decision anyhow, not with that scorecard – I would have had to knock him out to beat him.”

Despite being frustrated by the judging, Campbell was full of praise for Garcia.

“We all know his left hook is his best shot. He was throwing it to my head and I was blocking it well,” Campbell said. “As he moved I thought he was throwing it to the head but he whipped it and lifted up my ribcage. I stepped back and I couldn’t get my breath. Could not get my breath. I don’t know what to say myself. Couldn’t grab my breath even after the count after at least 60 second after the count. I was still struggling with my breath. That has never happened to me before and that’s one of the things that hurts me the most.” (Transcribed by Boxing Scene)

Do you agree with Luke Campbell on the judging of his fight with Ryan Garcia?