Maxi Hughes Believes George Kambosos Jr. Has To Throw Caution To The Wind Against Vasyl Lomachenko

Maxi Hughes

Maxi Hughes believes Georges Kambosos Jr. needs to be aggressive and throw caution to the win against Vasyl Lomachenko.

Hughes fought Kambosos in July of 2023 and dropped a close majority decision. Given he has 12 rounds of experience with Kambosos, he is interested to see the fight against Lomachenko.

According to Maxi Hughes, he believes if George Kambosos Jr. is going to pull off the upset he needs to be aggressive from the get-go.

“He’s got to be willing to do that – that’s his chance to do it. I don’t think he’s good enough to outbox Loma, so his chance to win is to apply those roughhouse tactics and be fitter than he ever has been before, and if need be keep them tactics up – a high work-rate for 12 rounds. I don’t give George much chance, unless it goes to points and the judges cook it. Unless Lomachenko – ‘cause by the time the fight comes around it’ll be just under a year since Loma’s last fight, with Haney, so he’s a little bit older – unless Father Time’s caught up with him, which I don’t think it will have, because I do think he’s one of the elite of the elite, I think George is gonna get stopped,” Hughes said, via BoxingScene.

“He goes on about being this Spartan warrior – I stiffened his legs up, so he’s not this Greek god that he thinks he is, and Loma will absolutely pepper the life out of him and will stop him. If he doesn’t stop him, George probably won’t quit, so his corner may have to pull him out. I’ve got his number. He’s probably got slightly faster hands than me, but I made up for that ‘cause I’ve got better timing than him. Loma’s got everything. George is fit; he’s game; he is this warrior, and that’s the reason why when I did hurt him in the fifth, I didn’t really go for it, because I know what George is good at,” Hughes said.

“When he gets into a bit of a fight like that, a bit like Nigel Benn was very good when he was hurt – he were very dangerous – that’s what we thought. ‘I’ve wobbled him – George might be a bit dangerous.’ So we didn’t step on it. As well as that we thought we were still very much in control, and we didn’t need to risk it by stepping on it. But looking back, I needed to knock him out, and there was still a chance that I’d have got disqualified for that anyway. There were no way I were winning that out there [in Shawnee, Oklahoma],” Hughes continued.

Kambosos enters the fight this weekend with a +460 underdog against Lomachenko.

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