Michael Bisping: UFC Won’t Allow Mayweather vs. Khabib To Happen

Floyd Mayweather Nurmagomedov Khabib

Former UFC middleweight champion believes the UFC won’t allow Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov to have a boxing match.

There has been talk of the two combat sports stars boxing each other, with Nurmagomedov’s manager even recently claiming Mayweather is begging for it to happen. Bisping, for one, would watch it, even though he knows Mayweather will come out on top.

That said, he doesn’t expect the UFC to go along with it:

“Not really [interested in it], but I would watch it for sure,” Bisping told Omnisport. “I’d definitely tune in. Mayweather would win, we all know that, but it’s always interesting to see somebody at the top of mixed martial arts taking on a boxer. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen, I really don’t.

“”Mayweather talks about it, Khabib talks about it, I don’t think the UFC will allow it because we’re all under contract with the UFC.””

Of course, Conor McGregor was allowed to box Mayweather back in 2017 while under UFC contract. However, that was a huge exception and if the UFC continues to allow it to happen, things could go wrong according to Bisping:

“They broke the mold in doing that with McGregor,” he added. “I think if they continue to do that and form a pattern, then more and more fighters are going to want to do that and it starts creating legal problems with contracts and things like that.”

Do you agree with Bisping?