Mikaela Mayer Says Alycia Baumgardner Doesn’t Deserve Katie Taylor Fight

Mikaela Mayer

Mikaela Mayer doesn’t think Alycia Baumgardner should be fighting Katie Taylor next time out.

Back on October 15, Mayer and Baumgardner fought and it was Baumgardner who won by split decision. It was a very close fight, and since then, Mayer has been vocal in wanting an immediate rematch as she thought she won the fight.

However, Baumgardner is chasing a big fight and the fight she wants is against Katie Taylor. Although it would be a big fight, Mayer doesn’t think Baumgardner deserves it after winning a split decision, along with the fact she thinks no one believes she can beat Taylor.

“She’ll see,” Mayer said of Baumgardner in an interview with FightHype.com. “Where else can she go (but fight me)? Where else can she go? I’m the money fight … No one believes in that fight (Taylor) right now. She has to deserve that fight with Taylor. Right now she would not be on the winning end of that fight. No one believes she would beat Katie Taylor.

“After round 3 she completely died against me, and you think someone like Katie Taylor, who has one of the highest punch counts and speed in women’s boxing, that she’s gonna take it to her? She doesn’t do anything,” Mayer continued. “She’s not the dog that she says she is. She doesn’t deserve that fight with Katie Taylor. She has a lot to prove before she goes up against somebody like Katie. And her best bet is to come back and rematch me. I know Eddie’s smart, he knows where the money is. The numbers are there, the viewership is there, people want to see that fight.”

The hope for Mikaela Mayer is to get the rematch but is okay making Alycia Baumgardner as the A-side given she is the champ. With that, the fight would be promoted by Eddie Hearn‘s Matchroom and thus be broadcasted by DAZN.

“I have no choice,” Mayer said. “I get how this works. She is now the A-side going into this rematch because she has the belts. So yeah I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.”

Would you like to see Mikaela Mayer vs. Alycia Baumgardner 2?