Mike Tyson Claims He Knows Why Boxers Don’t Like Jake Paul

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson says he knows why boxers don’t like YouTuber, turned pro boxer, Jake Paul.

After Paul fought in a YouTuber exhibition card and won, he started to take the sport seriously. He then had his first professional bout against a fellow YouTuber in 2020 and TKO’d AnEsonGib in the first round. He followed that up with a second-round KO over Nate Robinson. Paul then had his toughest test of his career against Olympic wrestler and former UFC fighter, Ben Askren, but Paul made easy work of him scoring a first-round TKO.

Although many have criticized Jake Paul for not facing real boxers, and making a mockery of the sport, Mike Tyson disagrees. He says what Paul is doing is good for the sport and boxers are just mad they don’t get as many views or as much money as him.

“Boxers get angry because the real champions don’t even have that many views. They’re happy if they have a million views. These guys (The Paul Brothers) have 80 million views….,” Tyson said on his podcast (via cinemablend). “That’s why everybody wants to kill ‘em because they see this little white guy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed making all this fucking money, talking all this shit. Everybody wants to kill ‘em. I get envious when I see these guys do it. (I’m like) what the fuck are they doing? That’s why you wanna kick his ass. You get envious of him. It’s easy to hate those guys.”

Jake Paul certainly is a big draw due to his past of being on the Disney Channel and his YouTube audience. People are tuning in to watch him because they like him, or to watch him to see him hopefully get knocked out. However, he continues to win, and does so impressively which will only help sell some more pay-per-views in his next fight. Tyson does have a point, too, that boxers are mad at the attention Paul gets for being so young in his career.

Do you agree with Mike Tyson about why boxers don’t like Jake Paul?