Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. Battle To A Draw – Highlights


Mike Tyson was unlucky to come away without a win as he drew his first fight in 15 years against Roy Jones Jr.

Round 1: Tyson came out extremely aggressive in round one. Jones Jr. was light on his feet but struggled to contain ‘Iron Mike’ who was bulldozing forward throughout the two-minute stanza.

Round 2: It was much of the same in round two. Jones Jr. did well to tie up Tyson and avoid taking too much damage while landing some nice pop shots of his own. Tyson proved this fight is no an exhibition in his mind with a couple of extra shots after the bell rang to end the round.

Round 3: In round three an accidental headbutt could have brought an end to the bout but neither man suffered a cut and they fought on. The highlight moment came when the pair exchanged shots. Tyson ripped to the body, Jones Jr. landed upstairs.

Round 4: Jones Jr. looked tired in round four. Tyson landed another huge body shot – the biggest of the fight which really doesn’t help with fatigue. ‘Captain Hook’ is struggling to put together any offence at this stage.

Round 5: If anything, Tyson got better as the rounds progressed. He continued to barrage forward and land his body shots. The fifth was his best round of the fight as Tyson landed hooks which appeared to shake Jones Jr.

Round 6: Things got interesting in round six. Tyson probably did enough to take the round, but Jones Jr. scored big with a straight down the pipe. He spoke about taking Tyson into deep water. Into round seven it goes – this is his moment.

Round 7: Unfortunately for Jones Jr. his moment came to nothing. Tyson came out more aggressive than ever, making scary noises as he waded in. He landed a big shot to the body which appeared to hurt Jones Jr. just before the round ended.

Round 8: They let it all hang out in the final round. A brilliant display from Tyson and Jones Jr. who brought the heat.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. is a draw

Check out the highlights below…