Mike Tyson Says Floyd Mayweather Is ‘Damaged’ For Fighting Logan Paul

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson isn’t a fan of Floyd Mayweather boxing Logan Paul.

Mayweather retired from boxing after he beat Conor McGregor in 2017. Yet, he did do an exhibition bout in RIZIN and returned back in June against Logan Paul. Yet, for Tyson, he’s disappointed, Mayweather fought the YouTuber turned boxer.

“You see, Floyd [Mayweather], he is damaged. He is damaged,” Tyson said on his podcast (via TheSun). “He wants to come back and fight. You see, that’s what that does. I came back, that’s not right. It f**ks you up. It is damaged. Listen, I didn’t feel that way, I never wanted to do this s**t again, and I don’t know what it is, I wish I could, but I’m just taking advantage of what this game is, you get me?”

Although Tyson was disappointed in Mayweather, it likely was the end of his career. He admitted he was done with exhibition bouts. However, for Tyson, he says he will return again and wants several fights like Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.

“I want Holyfield and Lewis this year. I want both of them, I want to get them both this year. I also want to box an exhibition with Tyson Fury,” Tyson said. “If I do that – even if I can get those two guys, I’ll say; ‘This is a wrap, I’m just gonna live life.’ And that’s just exhibitions. I’m gonna break all my professional true records with exhibitions.”

Mike Tyson made his return back in November when he boxed Roy Jones Jr. in a highly-anticipated fight. When he will return is uncertain but there’s no question when he does fight again, many will be looking forward to watching it.

What do you make of Mike Tyson saying Floyd Mayweather is damaged for boxing Logan Paul back in June?