Nathan Heaney Knows Denzel Bentley Has ‘Dangerous Power’

Nathan Heaney

Nathan Heaney knows he can’t overlook Denzel Bentley.

Heaney and Bentley are set to throw down at the AO Arena in Manchester this weekend. It’s a pivotal fight and heading into the bout, Heaney knows he has to be cautious the entire time as he says Bentley has one-shot KO power.

“On our way through, I always knew about Bentley. Some of the opponents I was fighting in the early days had boxed Bentley. I looked at them and he’d stopped them and I hadn’t. You could look at that and think, ‘I know he’s a tough journeyman and he’s stopped him.’ so I know he’s got that danger power with him. We have to see what happens on the night,” Heaney told 32Red.

Heading into the fight, Nathan Heaney is 17-0 and coming off back-to-back wins over Jack Flatley.

Now, ahead of his bout with Denzel Bentley, Heaney is a sizeable +540 underdog but is confident he has the tools to pull off the upset.

“I just think I’m an overall good boxer. I’ve got a good jab, I control distance well and I’ve been boxing for 23 years. I’ve got experience. I’ve been in with everyone,” Heaney said. “I’m a big underdog with the bookies and it’s because he’s fought at a higher level. He has failed at a higher level as well. That makes no difference though. You perform how you perform on the night. They were all different opponents that he had. Linus was a very close fight and one judge had him winning but Bentley’s very good and I know what he can do.”

Do you think Nathan Heaney can pull off the upset against Denzel Bentley?

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