Oscar De La Hoya Ending Comeback Plans, Says He’s Hanging Up The Gloves

Oscar De La Hoya says he won’t box again.

De La Hoya was booked to make his return in September against Vitor Belfort but was forced out of the bout due to contracting COVID-19. Since then, there has been no talk about his return and now, De La Hoya announced he is ending his comeback and won’t fight again.

β€œI can’t imagine myself in the ring anymore. I’m hanging up the gloves for sure and calling it a day,” De La Hoya told BoxingScene.com in an interview. “It’s not likely [I will fight again]. I’m not feeling it. I went through so much in training. I was on it. When I trained, I left everything and my focus was 100%. It just drained me. I couldn’t handle it. Once I got COVID, I still have problems breathing when I’m running.”

Although De La Hoya said he was enjoying training, he says he doesn’t feel the need to box again.

β€œI feel complete now. I have six projects aside from boxing that I’m working on right now that are huge – mega. I’ve refocused. I have the energy. I have a woman by my side who makes me feel like King Kong,” said De La Hoya. β€œIt’s motivating. It really is. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with Golden Boy and my personal brand. Things are moving in the right direction. I’m really excited about it.”

With Oscar De La Hoya ending his plan to box again, he says his legacy is set and will remain focused on promoting bouts.

What do you make of Oscar De La Hoya ending his plan to comeback?

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