Rolly Romero Vows To KO Tank Davis In The First Round

Rolly Romero

Rolly Romero is full of confidence ahead of his bout against Tank Davis on May 28 in Brooklyn, New York.

Romero and Davis have trash-talked each other for quite some time and were supposed to fight for years now as it is four years in the making and Romero has violent intentions for Davis.

“One round,” Romero stated during an open media workout. “If I say I’mma do it, I’mma do it. He’s gonna knocked out from the first punch that hits him.”

Why Romero is so confident is due to the fact he says he has seen Tank Davis gets hit by smaller opponents and his defense is not there. With that, he believes his power and timing will be too much for the undefeated boxer.

“Tell me a fight he don’t get punched on, by smaller dudes who don’t have no power, no nothing,” insisted Romero. “Tell me a fight. I’m way more accurate than everyone else he’s ever fought. I’m way more explosive, way stronger, way bigger than everyone else. It’s just common sense.”

Although Rolly Romero thinks he will KO Tank Davis early, he is a bit surprised Davis took the fight as he thinks Davis is scared of boxers with power. He also believes he is the exact fighter and it will show live on pay-per-view.

“He got his ass beat and showed that he’s extremely vulnerable,” Romero claimed in summarizing Davis’ 16-fight knockout streak coming to a close. “He’s scared of people that can crack.”

Do you think Rolly Romero will KO Tank Davis?