Oscar De La Hoya Says The World Will Be Shocked When They Find Out His Return Opponent

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya is set to return to the ring on July 3 but the opponent is not known.

For the past several months, De La Hoya has talked about a return to the ring, and recently confirmed he would be back on July 3. It caught the attention of the boxing world as they were interested to see what kind of shape De La Hoya would be in.

“I got in beast mode after six weeks,” said De La Hoya to DAZN about his training for his July 3rd exhibition (via boxing247). “I started having a couple of drinks, and then they told me, ‘Why don’t you go a commentate?’ And I was like ‘Oh man, okay.’ I got a little carried away but I apologize. It’s all good. I’m back in beast mode and I’m ready to go and posting videos of me training. I’m going to continue that. It’s back to beast mode, baby. All my career, I’ve been chasing the best.”

Although De La Hoya is set to return on July 3, the opponent is not known. He said he would want to box an MMA guy and Eddie Alvarez has been the name in talks. That would no doubt be an intriguing matchup, but for the former boxer, he says he wants to fight the best.

“I love fighting the best, and this is going to be no exception,” said De La Hoya. “I don’t know yet. I have an idea, but we’re not locked and loaded yet. We’re very close to locking somebody in but let me say, the world will be shocked.“People are going to say, ‘Oscar is going to get smashed.’”

Regardless, De La Hoya is ready to return and looking to prove he still has it, despite being retired for years.

Who do you think Oscar De La Hoya will box?