Tenshin Nasukawa Responds To Conor McGregor’s Callout

Conor McGregor recently called out Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa for a ‘mixed martial arts exhibition.’

Nasukawa was recently dominated by Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition at RIZIN 14 on New Year’s Eve. The ‘fight’ was a one-sided farce. Nasukawa flopped about the ring like he had been hit by a bulldozer with each one of the bigger Mayweather’s punches.

It was easy money for well, ‘Money,’ who banked nine million dollars for less than three minutes of work. McGregor is also swimming in the cash thanks to UFC 229 and his Proper 12 Whiskey sales. But that apparently won’t stop him from cashing in on what he understandably sees as another easy payday in Nasukawa.

And Tenshin is down as well. The RIZIN fighter responded to McGregor’s callout by thanking him for ‘remembering his name’ before offering a fight under kickboxing rules:

Unlike Mayweather, McGregor is currently bound to the terms of his UFC contract, at least for now. The UFC let him branch out to box Mayweather in August 2017. It would seem a similar situation with Nasukawa would be beyond unlikely at this point.

It’s fun to talk about on social media, however, and will most certainly have combat sports fan buzzing. Nasukawa is a young, talented fighter with a bright future ahead of him in Japan. Pitting him against much larger, more experienced fighters like Mayweather and McGregor may get his name out in the headlines in droves.

Yet it doesn’t really do him too many favors. If he’s being branded a laughingstock and being accused of throwing his ‘fight’ with Mayweather, his star won’t be shining for long.