Oscar De La Hoya Wishes Dana White ‘Good Luck’ In Boxing Ventures

Dana White

Golden Boy Promotions founder Oscar De La Hoya is ready to end his beef with UFC president Dana White and has even wished him well in his boxing ventures.

De La Hoya and White have repeatedly gone back and forth over the years. It most recently intensified when the former held his first MMA event last year.

And with White now entering De La Hoya’s world as he plans to make his Zuffa Boxing moves after the summer, the boxing promoter wishes him the best.

“I wish him all the best. I think he’s done a phenomenal job with the UFC,” De La Hoya said on The Luke Thomas Show (via Bad Left Hook). “I have my opinions in the past on how I feel about the fighters getting treated by the UFC, but at this point in my life, I have so much on my plate, I’m sure he has lots on his plate.

“”I think we should just move on and him worry about growing the UFC and I’m worrying about Golden Boy and making sure that boxing keeps a shining light on itself. We want to just continue making big fights.”

White Doesn’t Bring Anything Different

White has repeatedly criticized boxing in the past for not having the best fighters compete against each other with lots of politics involved.

De La Hoya, though, is not sure what the UFC head honcho will bring that is different from what’s already there on the market.

“Boxing is a fragmented sport, yes, and at this point with our partners DAZN, with our partners at Golden Boy, we’re finding ways to make sure we continue growing the sport, make sure we take the sport to the masses. But I don’t see any other formula that’s out that Dana White can bring to the table, other than him screaming and yelling and being vocal. That’s basically it.”

He nonetheless, wished him luck again and gave him some advice.

“Good luck. Be prepared for the ride of your life. Boxing is a roller coaster, and it’s sometimes not a fun one,” he added. “Most of the time, it’s a lot of fun. Just be prepared, and I wish him all the best.”