Promoter Shuts Down Rumor Of Oleksandr Usyk Breaking His Jaw

Oleksandr Usyk

Alex Krassyuk, the promoter of Oleksandr Usyk, has shut down rumors that his fighter broke his jaw in his undisputed heavyweight title win over Tyson Fury.

Fury got off to a strong start and was starting to take over, but in the ninth round, Usyk had Fury nearly out on his feet as the ref had to give the Brit a count. At the end of the fight, it was Usyk who won by split decision, and after the win, there was a report that he had a broken jaw, but Krassyuk says that isn’t the case.

“Nothing major [is wrong with him],” Krassyuk told Boxing King Media. “So he went to the hospital after the press conference. And they [hospital staff] made the exams, and it’s something like a one-week recovery. No broken jaw and thank God he is safe and sound.”

According to Krassyuk, Oleksandr Usyk said he had some discomfort in his jaw, which is where the report came from that it was broken. But, he decided to go to the press conference and after going to the hospital, it was revealed he didn’t break his jaw after all.

“When we went to the locker room, the local doctor came up to inspect. Usyk felt some discomfort in his upper jaw and the doctor said anything could happen. This is a very sensitive area, so you need to be inspected as fast as possible,” Krassyuk said.

“The doctor insisted it has to happen very fast, and I came up to Usyk and said, ‘Listen, we need to skip the press conference because the doctor is pushing us hard, and we need to go as soon as possible, the ambulance is prepared for the drive’.” But Usyk said, ‘Guys, listen, we need to comply with our obligations. We have the press conference. Let’s go to the hospital after the press conference,'” Krassyuk added.

With the win, Usyk and Fury will be having an immediate rematch next as there was a rematch clause involved in the fight.

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