Ryan Garcia Blasts Gervonta Davis After Isaac Cruz Fight: ‘Out Of All The Lightweights He’s the Weakest’

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia was not impressed by Gervonta Davis‘ win over Isaac Cruz.

On Sunday night, Davis defended his WBA lightweight title in a hard-fought decision win over Cruz, who isn’t known to many. Two judges scored it 115-113 while the other had it 116-112 for Davis. After the win, ‘Tank’ claimed he hurt his hand early in the fight which is why he didn’t get the finish.

“I hurt my hand so I couldn’t get him out of there,” said Davis, a southpaw who barely threw a left hand over the final two rounds (via ESPN). “He’s a shorter fighter so I was throwing down on the top of his head. I hit him with my knuckle and messed it up. I hurt my hand in the sixth round.”

To no surprise, after the fight, Ryan Garcia took to social media to blast Davis, who he has called out several times.

“Gervonta gets away with fighting c level fighters, out of all the lightweights he’s the weakest!!! His toughest test was Leo Santa Cruz, almost lost tonight bring it on I’ve been calling you out for awhile…,” Garcia wrote on Twitter.

The fan-favorite in Garcia also added a few more tweets calling Davis out.

“We all know Luke Campbell is better then all of tanks opposition, tank can’t beat me he knows that and mayweather knows that. I’m too fast and i got to much accuracy, cmon may weather you can’t protect him forever… He said it’s easy work well then it should be easy to run it,” Garcia added.

Garcia’s promoter in Oscar De La Hoya then tweeted that Ryan would smoke Gervonta Davis, which Tank did not like.

“I will beat the both of y’all asses,” Davis said which Garcia responded with “You can’t and will not do shit we all seen that today. You almost lost and they set that up so you look good.”

As of right now, it’s uncertain if Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis will be next but it will no doubt be a big fight if it does.

Who do you think would win, Ryan Garcia or Gervonta Davis?

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