Ryan Garcia Expresses Frustration With DAZN, Requests Direct Meeting

Ryan Garcia

Undefeated Boxing prodigy Ryan Garcia has requested streaming platform DAZN contact him directly to discuss his upcoming fight.

In an in depth interview with Sports Illustrated Garcia shared he was scheduled to compete in July until talks fell apart following his offer being for only $200,000.

“That’s bull, Why am I being held back financially? What is the problem here? Why is DAZN giving out big numbers to guys fighting nobodies? It’s fu—ed up how I’m being treated. I’m not asking for $100 million. Just give me the check I deserve. How am I one of the biggest fighters in the world and I get bigger paychecks outside of boxing?”

Garcia is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. The company’s president Eric Gomez also spoke to Sports Illustrated sharing that the company have a contract with the rising boxing star and intend to keep it.

“We are exclusive to DAZN and Ryan is exclusive to us. We’re living in a pandemic. There are some real hard times out there. It’s arguably the worst financial downfall since the Great Depression. Ryan’s next show is not going to have any fans. His gate is significant. But he wasn’t asked to take a pay cut. In the contract that we recently signed, we were going to pay him above his minimum for this next fight.”

Unhappy with this offer, Garcia believes the problem lies not with his promoter but with DAZN, stating that he would like a direct conversation with someone at the company.

“I’m not saying anything about Golden Boy, I’m not going to worry about what Golden Boy is doing right now. I just want my direct line. I’m tired of going through middle men. DAZN needs to call me. I need to hear from them why stuff can’t happen. You have Shakur Stevenson going on [Tuesday] night. Why is ESPN going and not me?”

At this stage Garcia has no fight officially booked.

When do you think Garcia will return to the ring?