Ryan Garcia Says He Wanted Javier Fortuna: ‘I Have Never Felt Better’


Ryan Garcia wanted Javier Fortuna to be the next fight for him.

Garcia and Fortuna are set to fight on July 16 at the Crypto.com Arena after the two were supposed to fight last July. Yet, Garcia had to withdraw due to mental health issues and now he says he wanted the fight to prove he isn’t scared of Fortuna as some said.

“If there is any doubt I was hesitant to fight Fortuna a year ago, that will all be made clear after our fight,” Ryan Garcia said. “This was the fight I wanted and now it’s time. I am so grateful to my friends, family, and especially my fans for their support. I have never felt better, stronger, and more motivated. It’s time to silence all the doubters and it starts on July 16.”

Although Fortuna lost his last fight, Ryan Garcia believes it still is a tough fight and for Javier Fortuna, he knows it’s an exciting fight for the fans. He also views this as a shot to prove he is a legit title contender still.

“This is going to be a very exciting fight. I know it didn’t take place last year like originally announced but I hope that this time it will be real so that I can offer a good show to the public,” said Fortuna. “I feel very happy with the work that I have been doing with my promoter, Sampson who has been trusting me since the beginning of my career. I will prepare 100% to win my fight.  I trust my team now more than ever and have full confidence in my coach Belvin García, who I consider my family. Together, and with God on our side, I know we will hold up our hands high in victory on fight night.”

Who do you think will win, Ryan Garcia or Javier Fortuna?

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