Shakur Stevenson Vows To Finish Robson Conceicao: ‘You’ll See A Lot Of Me Trying To Beat Him Up’

Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson is looking to finsih Robson Conceicao when they meet on September 23 from the Prudential Center in New Jersey live on ESPN.

Stevenson had a press conference on Monday to discuss the fight and made it known he is going out there to not only win but finish Conceicao. He also wants to finish the fight early, and not let the Mexican get any rounds.

“I’m expecting him to try to box and be technical,” Stevenson told “But he gonna have moments when he try to get out of line. I’m going in there to beat him up. I’m not about to play around with him. I feel if you wait with them Olympic-style fighters, them boxers, you give them confidence and you allow them to get into the fight. I think that’s where [Oscar] Valdez made a mistake. He didn’t put the pressure on [Conceicao] and didn’t try to start beating him up until rounds six, seven. I think that’s where he went wrong. With me, from round two and three, you’ll see a lot of me trying to beat him up. I wanna get him out of there.”

Conceicao is coming off a decision win over Xavier Martinez after losing a decision to Oscar Valdez who Stevenson beat. However, Shakur Stevenson says he thinks Conceicao beat Valdez but he doesn’t think it will matter.

“A lot of people feel like Conceicao won, but I got a weird opinion about it just because of the fact he let off the gas,” Stevenson said. “I feel like in round six he just started moving extra and showboating. And while he was doing that, he wasn’t scoring. He wasn’t landing no punches, Valdez was looking like the aggressor and Valdez was putting the power on him at that time. Maybe [Conceicao] got tired. I don’t know. I don’t know what it was, but he let off the gas.”

Shakur Stevenson is 18-0 and coming off the win over Valdez and against Conceicao as he defends his WBC, WBO, and The Ring super featherweight belts.

Do you think Shakur Stevenson will beat Robson Conceicao?