Shakur Stevenson Says It Felt Good Shutting Up Oscar Valdez’s Fans And Doubters

Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson was happy to silence more doubters on Saturday night.

Stevenson had the toughest test of his career as he was headlining a card against Oscar Valdez and the majority of the crowd was there for Valdez. With that, he says that motivated him to hand the previously unbeaten former WBC super featherweight champion his first loss, which he did.

The American in Stevenson edged out a decision and after the win, he says he was glad to shut the fans up.

“I wanted to shut them up,” Stevenson said during his post-fight press conference. “Like when I was walking out, I kept hearing them scream louder and louder. And I told myself, ‘I’m gonna shut them up.’ And as the fight was going, I just heard crickets. I heard quiet. And it felt good shutting them up. And that’s why I told them, ‘Shhh!’ But at the end of the day, I’m glad that they came out to support. I don’t got no bad feelings towards them. I’m glad that they came out and I appreciate them.”

With Stevenson winning and it being a great performance, Bob Arum says that should help him out in the long road as the promoter says that should help him in the long run.

“Well, we don’t know,” Arum told “Again, when you talk about drawing power, it seems to me that there were more people backing Valdez that came to the fight.”

Were you impressed with Shakur Stevenson’s performance?