Skye Nicolson Plans To Show Everyone At Featherweight She’s Someone To Watch Out For

Skye Nicolson

Skye Nicolson believes she will be a force to be reckoned with at featherweight.

Nicolson competed at the 2020 Olympic Games and could be the mandatory challenger for WBC featherweight champion Tania Alvarez. The fight between Amanda Serrano and Erika Cruz is also an important fight for Nicholson and she says she will be watching it and letting them all know she is coming.

“I have to make myself known,” Nicolson acknowledged to “I want to stamp my name in this division and show everyone at featherweight that I’m someone to watch out for. Especially fighting on a show with the main event between Serrano and Cruz, I want them to know I’m coming for them.”

If Amanda Serrano wins, it’s likely she will rematch Katie Taylor next but after that fight, she will finish her career at featherweight which excites Nicolson. She knows beating Serrano would be massive for her career and believes she is close to securing that fight.

“That really excites me. I want to beat world champions,” vowed Nicolson. “I don’t want to have to settle for vacant titles unless there’s really no other choice. Whoever’s the champion when it’s my turn, that’s who I’m coming for. If it’s Amanda Serrano, then even better. She’s pound-for-pound one of the best women of all time. What a way to be crowned world champion by being able to face and beat one of the best to ever do it. That just makes our goal even clearer. After Saturday, we’ll be in that mandatory position to make the fight happen later this year. I can’t wait.”

Skye Nicolson is 5-0 and is confident she will be a champion sooner rather than later and is ready to prove to everyone.

“I want this performance to say, ‘Watch this featherweight fight, then watch the featherweight fight in the headliner and see what you think.’ That only adds to it,” Nicolson said. “I’m a couple of fights away from challenging for the world title. After this win, I’ll be right there to knock on the door—‘Let me in, let me in.’ I can’t wait. I’m ready.”

Do you think Skye Nicolson will become a champ in her career?

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