Stepping through the Ropes: Milan Rabszski Tries to Understand the 1-2-3 of Boxing Betting

Floyd Mayweather

The people at the Warsaw Boxing School were surprised when Milan Rabszski, editor-in-chief and portal author at TopKasynoOnline–a website that reviews online casinos for Poles–stepped through the doors. Milan has recently been studying sports betting, stepping out of his comfort zone with casinos and into the world of sports betting.

The art of two people fixing a date and beating the holy hell out of each other for others to watch and getting paid for it is a very simple concept to grasp. It is the betting part that Milan has come here to investigate. It can be difficult for newcomers to make sense of all the weight divisions, ranking systems, statistics, and world championship data points. Betting on a fight requires careful consideration of not only the odds but also the fighters’ records, fighting styles, and overall skill levels.

That is why Milan is at the gym; to observe fighters in their natural habitat. He’s here to find out what their Sunday punches are, how they move, and what their usual strategies are. All of these things are important for a bettor looking to place a wager.

The Kinds of Bets Boxing Has

Before placing a bet with the best boxing betting sites, it is vital to familiarize oneself with the two types of moneylines available in the sport. A 2-way moneyline is the most prevalent type. If a fight ends in a draw, a bet on the 2-way moneyline is nullified, and the money is returned as a push, regardless of which boxer the bettor picked to win. Fighters can place bets on themselves, too, in certain situations, as a young boxer explained.

“I’m the underdog in my upcoming fight,” she said. “So, my odds will show up as +500. This means that for every $100 anyone bets on me winning, they get another $500. It’s why betting on underdogs is so popular.”

“What about the favorite?”

She explains that her opponent has odds of -300. That means if someone bets $300 on her and she wins, the bettor wins $100.

Bets can also be placed on how a bout ends. Anyone can just bet on the outright wins market and pick a winner, but they can also go the extra mile and guess how the match ends. Whether someone wins by knockout, TKO, disqualification, or the fight goes all the way and is decided by judges, bettors they can bet on everything. 

Milan appears surprised. “You can bet on every round?”

The girl nods. She explains how every boxing match has several 3-minute rounds for the men and 2-minute rounds for the women. The rounds group market is similar to the over/under market in that it allows for bets on many rounds to be made at once. Rounds 1-4, 4-8, and 9-12 are typical clusters of rounds. She also says that even and odd round numbers are two of the most prevalent pairs of grouped whole numbers.

Here Milan had to stop and ask about the Over/Under market, so the boxer patiently explained that too. In an over-under bet, people are essentially predicting if a fight will be shorter or longer than the number of rounds provided by the sportsbook. Because boxing is an individual sport, the duration of a bout is the only thing that an over/under bet applies to. You are not picking the winner. In over-under wagering, the outcome of the match does not matter. These are the second most favored boxing bets for bettors across the globe.

Learn Some Interesting Information

In trying to be respectful of the boxer’s time, Milan found one of the coaches to ask a few more questions.

“What if I don’t want to risk too much? Can I bet on both fighters to win?” asks Milan.

The man laughs a little and tells him that he can. This is called arbitrage and is a bit complicated. Anyone wanting to do this will have to use two different sportsbooks that have different odds. Taking an example, he says if someone bet $150 on A and $140 on B, they gain $10 if A wins. However, all this depends on whether the different sportsbooks have different odds for the fighters.

Here, something occurs to Milan, and he says that, in talking to the woman boxer, he noticed how people get paid more for betting on the underdog. “How often do underdogs win their matches? It pays more, right?”

The man laughs and says that there is no fixed way to determine that, but it’s a range between 35%-40%. Fighting against odds is tough, so when they win, it is a cause of great celebration.

Milan considers this. Boxers make a lot of money at the highest levels, and this attracts a lot of bets. But just because the boxers are getting rich doesn’t mean the bettors are. So, he asks the coach whether there is money to be made in boxing betting. The coach chuckles and says that there is money to be made for sure if one bets properly and does enough research. Betting in boxing is all about making an informed decision, he says, and with careful study of the fighter’s record, training videos, and weight-cutting program, anyone can make a comfortable profit through betting.

Satisfied, Milan spends the rest of his time chatting with the fighters. They hype him up to try his hand at some boxing himself, stating that it will be fun, but after an unfortunate accident involving a speed bag and his nose, he decided to bet on his safety and return home.


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