Three of the Best Boxers of the 20th Century

Muhammad Ali

Boxing is among the oldest sports in the world, perhaps even the oldest. There is evidence which suggest that our prehistoric ancestors boxed for sport, fun and competition. Throughout the centuries, boxing has endured in many forms, not only as a sport, but also as a training regimen for soldiers of different cultures from different periods in time. 

Today boxing is still a hugely popular sport, being the most watched combat sport, and being omnipresent in popular culture, with films like Rocky, Creed, Million Dollar Baby, and The Fighter still being produced, and being hugely popular.

The popularity of boxing has also piqued the curiosity of bettors. Boxing is one of the most popular sports, and the most popular combat sport, at land-based betting shops, as well as online. As a matter of fact, online casinos have reported large traffic when it comes to bets on boxing. Fans of betting and boxing can try online sports betting here. However, most boxing fans are casual fans, who enjoy the sport for the sport, and not for betting. And for those fans who have a lifelong love for boxing, we will list 3 of the best boxers from the 20th century, and talk about some of the things that made them great.

Sugar Ray Robinson

The phrase “pound for pound” used to describe a boxer who is far and beyond every other fighter in the world was coined to describe none other than Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson was a welterweight champion for five consecutive years, from 1946 to 1951. Following that, from 1951 to 1960 he won the middleweight championship five times. 

Sugar Ray Robinson has been hailed as the greatest boxer of all time by all-time greats such Muhammad Ali, who once claimed that Robinson was his idol, and Sugar Ray Leonard, who, when responding to a comparison between himself and Sugar Ray Robinson, claimed that nobody could compare to Robinson. 

Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano ended his career with a 49-0 win record, with 43 out of the 49 fights being won by knockout. He is the only heavyweight champion in boxing history to retire undefeated. Rocky Marciano’s biggest victory was against Joe Louis in 1951, a fight which lasted eight rounds, and which ended in Joe Louis getting knocked out. The fight was Louis’ last. Marciano’s last fight was in 1955 against Archie Moore which again ended in his opponent’s knockout. 

Muhammad Ali

There is no doubt, that Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer, not just of the 20th century, but of all time. There is no list of the greatest boxers anywhere, that does not feature Muhammad Ali. His legacy is omnipresent, not just in boxing, but in pop culture, with films, mini-series, comic books, music and visual art being made that either feature Ali or are inspired by his life and legend. His biggest win came in 1964, when he KO’d Sonny Liston, and declared himself the greatest of all time.

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