TJ Dillashaw Believes He’s Best Equipped UFC Star To Box Floyd Mayweather

TJ Dillashaw

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw has nothing but time — and he wants to utilize it by boxing Floyd Mayweather.

Dillashaw is currently on the sidelines after testing positive for EPO earlier this year. As a result, he is suspended for two years and will only be eligible to return to action in January 2021.

He has already spoken of coming back strong and becoming the champion once again. But rather than think about potential opponents for his comeback, he feels there’s an opportunity for him to enter the boxing world.

Mayweather and UFC president Dana White have been hinting at some sort of collaboration for the former to come out of retirement once again. And Dillashaw wants to be the one facing the former five-division champion in the boxing ring:

“Who I really want — Mayweather wants a UFC star that’s good at striking,” Dillashaw said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday. “I got a whole year to reinvent myself to become a boxer. I got the who’s who in the boxing world. I’ve been training with the Lomachenkos, the Terence Crawfords. He ain’t going to be able to wear me out and finish me. My cardio. I think that’s a very intriguing fight.”

It’s not even about the money for Dillashaw. He just wants to prove that the mixed martial arts world can compete in boxing:

“I would love to get that Mayweather fight not even for the money, just for the fact of proving us UFC fighters got what it takes to get in that ring,” he added. “I think Conor McGregor did a great job just showing what we can do, our movements are awkward and that it’s tough for them to deal with.

“And I’ve seen it myself in the boxing world. … I think that would be a super intriguing thing to get involved in and I got the time to do it.”

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