Tyson Fury Believes Dillian Whyte Has Nothing To Lose On Saturday

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury thinks Dillian Whyte has nothing to lose on Saturday which makes him so dangerous.

Fury is set to defend his WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles and has said this will be his last fight. The event is built around Fury and because of that, he says this is a win-win for Whyte has he gets the opportunity to become the champ and gets a massive payday, while everyone expects him to lose.

“He’s a good fighter. We worked together for a long time years ago. He’s probably improved as a fighter since then, he’s had a lot more fights. He was a good lad! He probably still is a good person now. I seen him after he knocked out Povetkin after his last fight, he got his own stool and took it over to Povetkin,” Fury said on a media call. “So as a person he’s probably a decent man. As a boxer, he’s achieved a lot and he’s finally getting his shot he’s been waiting for for such a long time, and he’s getting it in front of 94,000 people on the world’s big stage. This is everything to win for him and nothing to lose. It’s a win-win situation, there’s no lose here.”

Although Tyson Fury says Dillian Whyte is in a win-win situation, Fury doesn’t expect the fight to go Whyte’s way. The undefeated heavyweight champion is confident he has all the tools to make this one look rather easy even though he knows Whyte is a legit challenge to him.

“It’s a good, fair matchup. He’s been inactive as well as me. He’s only had the one fight in over a year, so have I. I’ve had one fight in over two years. So there we are, it’s a good old fair match. He’s had about 30-odd fights, I’ve had about the same. We’re the same kind of age. It’s a good, even match… Same old business as usual for me,” Fury says. “Give it everything I’ve got, give it me all, and fight on until I can’t fight anymore. Victorious or not, you’re going to see a very good fight. … 100 percent I’m going to win, because that’s all I do is win, win, win. But there’s another saying in Proverbs, and it says, ‘You can train the horse for battle, but the rest is in God’s hands.’ If it’s supposed to be, then it’ll be. And if it’s not supposed to be, then it wasn’t supposed to be.”

Do you agree with Tyson Fury that Dillian Whyte is in a win-win situation?