Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 Record Saved As 54-0 Thai Champion Loses

Longtime WBC Strawweight Champion Wanheng Menayothin announced his retirement earlier this year in June with a perfect 54-0 record.

Menayothin was a 13-time WBC Strawweight Champion, having won the title back in 2014. He’s also a nine-time WBC International Strawweight Champion, and a four-time WBC International Silver Strawweight Champion.

He started out his career winning the WBC Youth World Strawweight Championship in just his third professional fight, and defended that title eight times. That was back in 2007, as you see, all he’s done, and all he’s known how to do as a professional is win.

Menayothin’s plans of retiring with the best record in the history of boxing have been shattered however, as he lost his title to 34-1 challenger Panya Pradabsri last night in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.

The multiple-time world champion from Thailand still has one of the best records in the sport, but it’s been blemished at this point. At 35-years-old, and considering he wanted to retire anyway, it’s hard to say if he’ll rack up some more wins or call it a career.

It’s unfortunate Menayothin’s so unknown, he’s one of the best in the history of the sport, and he also had an amateur career that surpassed 200 fights, some of which were Muay Thai bouts, of which he captured the National Championship.

Menayothin passed former multiple-time heavyweight champion and legend of the sport Rocky Marciano back in May of 2018 when he climbed to 50-0. He then surpassed Floyd Mayweather Jr in August of 2018 when he climbed to 51-0.

Julio Cesar Chavez, another true great of the sport, climbed to 87-0 at one point, before he had a draw with Pernell Whitaker. He won his next two fights before losing for the first time. He then won his next seven, bringing his record to 96-1-1, being a startling 32-time world champion.

Chavez ended up retiring with a record of 107-6-2. Menayothin had the next best record to him, but his defeat last night really shook things up. He’s obviously still a great boxer that had flawless career up until last night.

Where do you think Wanheng Menayothin goes from here?

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