Tyson Fury Collapses Ceiling While Hitting The Heavy Bag


Tyson Fury proved just how hard he hits.

Fury, who is the WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion, was hitting the heavy bag and his ceiling collapsed when he did. The champ captioned the video, “This is what’s coming for everyone 2021 to infinity.”

Tyson Fury was expected to return to the ring on December 5 in England, but those plans were postponed. “”The Gypsy King” has not fought since his TKO win over Deontay Wilder in their highly-anticipated rematch to win the WBC heavyweight title. There were talks of the trilogy happening but Frank Warren said they could not come to a financial agreement without the support of paying fans.

With Fury without an opponent, Bob Arum has said Fury will either fight Wilder or Anthony Joshua next.

Fury also recently praised Joshua for the way he handled his first career loss as opposed to how Wilder is dealing with it.

“Very class. Listen, we’re rivals and we have been for a long time but I’ve gotta speak truthfully and honestly. You’re a world heavyweight champion and you take a loss — he handled it like a man,” Fury said to Talksport Breakfast Show (via DAZN). “He handled it very sportsmanlike, took it in his stride. He knew he made a mistake and that was it. He didn’t say why, he didn’t make a million excuses, I didn’t hear any excuses from him himself at all, none. He just said, ‘Well done, congratulations, I’ll see you next time.’ And I would hope that I could conduct myself like that as well if that happened to me. We’ve seen it so many times over the years with the likes of Wilder’s excuses and David Haye’s excuses.

“Everybody who loses a fight, for whatever reason, they always come out and say something like, ‘Oh, I had a bad foot, a bad elbow, a shoulder operation.’ And I just think, if you’re going into a big fight with these injuries, either don’t take the fight and have it postponed, or don’t mention it afterwards. Don’t try and take somebody else’s glory away from their victory. And I’ve gotta take my hat off to AJ, he didn’t. He just said, ‘Look, I got beat by the better man on the night, fair play.’ I thought that was class.”