Tyson Fury Faces Eight-Year Ban As New UKAD Case Begins

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury could face an eight-year ban from boxing, which would essentially bring an end to his career in the sport.

‘The Gypsy King’ and his cousin Hughie Fury received two-year backdated bans for testing positive for the steroid nandrolone in 2015.

At the time, the two heavyweight fighters blamed the results on consuming uncastrated wild boar meat. A lengthy and costly investigation followed, costing United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD) £600,000 – nearly bankrupting the organization.

Since returning to boxing in 2018 Fury has looked better than ever. Last time out, he captured the WBC heavyweight title beating long-reigning champion Deontay Wilder inside seven rounds to do so.

However, his joy has been short-lived amid fresh claims of drug cheating that could seriously jeopardize his future in boxing. According to the Mail on Sunday, Fury stands accused of bribing farmer Martin Carefoot to lie about providing the boxer wild boar meat. The Lancashire man claims he was offered £25,000 to say he was the source of the tainted meat, although he claims he was never paid.

“I just went along with it, and they always dangled this carrot that I was going to get paid. When things got quite serious, they offered me a sum of money before it went to court in London and a sum of money after. I went along with them because, I suppose, in my own way, I was just helping them out.”

Since the report was released, UKAD has announced they will be investigating the claims made by the farmer. If found guilty both Tyson and Hughie could face a ban as long as eight-years.

While the heavyweight champion has not commented on the latest allegations, his promoter Frank Warren has rubbished the claims of Mr. Carefoot, speaking to media he said.

“The farmer making these outrageous allegations sent me a letter last October, full of errors and basically telling me he had committed perjury by signing statements under oath and lying. When I called him, he asked for money. I told him to clear off and get in contact with UKAD. He chose not to speak to UKAD but instead speak to a newspaper.” (Transcribed by Daily Mirror)

Will Tyson Fury be able to survive these latest cheating claims?