Tyson Fury Pokes Fun At Deontay Wilder’s Allegations

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is still having a laugh over Deontay Wilder’s allegations.

Fury and Wilder had their rematch back in Feb. 2020. “The Gypsy King” won the fight via seventh-round TKO. After the bout, Wilder accused Fury of loading his gloves with egg weights.

Fury spoke to The Volume Sports to have some fun with Wilder’s claims (h/t Michael Benson).

“This time, please double check my gloves for knuckle dusters and knives before the fight. Because I have a terrible tendency for sticking two dusters on each hand before fights. It’s terrible.”

Wilder told PBC that he feels people are turning a blind eye to Fury’s “cheating” ways.

“Many people in boxing did this (put their hand over their eyes) and that (put their hand over their ears),” Wilder told Premier Boxing on Instagram (via DailyMail). “That allowed them to do this (keep their mouth shut). They saw no evil and heard no evil. You can’t not see that gloves don’t bend, your wrist doesn’t bend unless you’re double-jointed or something. It’s impossible. 

“They couldn’t even knock me out. They couldn’t even keep me down. It took a disloyal trainer to throw the towel in. We know he (Fury) don’t have no power,” Wilder continued. “He gave me every best of him he had in that ring and I took it all. I knew something was not right with my body. He got a rap sheet of cheating and using drugs. You talk about a guy like me who’s got no rap sheet, just pure power and pure work ethic but I’m lying? And you got a guy who’s known for cheating and he’s telling the truth?”

Tyson Fury and Wilder will do battle a third time. They’ll mix it up on Oct. 9 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fury’s WBC Championship will be on the line.

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