Viddal Riley Pleased With Shutout Win Over Mikael Lawal

Viddal Riley

Viddal Riley was happy with his win over Mikael Lawal on Sunday night.

Riley fought Lawal at the O2 Arena, and the Brit wanted to prove he is one of the top cruiserweights, which he feels like he did with his win on Sunday. It was another solid performance from Riley who improved to 11-0 as a pro and retained his English cruiserweight title.

“I feel good, you know. I won the English title in a shutout [against Nathan Quarless] and I’ve defended the English title with a shutout against a former British champion so it shows I’ve got way more in me,” Riley said after the fight. “Lawal’s very heavy-handed. He hit me with a good right hand to the body and it kept me honest. I realized I couldn’t stand still, I have to keep picking and poking. There’s times you want to attack more but you’ve got to stay disciplined and that’s what we’ve been working on in camp. Staying disciplined, sticking to the game plan. You’re not going to knock everyone out but you can win on a shutout.”

Following the win, Isaac Chamberlain took aim at Viddal Riley and called for the fight to happen next, as he feels like he could beat the Brit with ease.

“If you think you can box like that against me, you’ve got another think coming. I’m not gonna lie,” Chamberlain said. “You didn’t perform. What kind of performance was that? It was dead. Your own coach was telling you to be brave because you’re not on it in that ring. You’re out here running scared. We can do it whenever. You’ve been calling me out since October, now I’m here.”

Riley, meanwhile, was quick to fire back to Chamberlain, which perhaps sets up a fight next time out.

“Listen, you beat that same guy and started shedding tears. Do you see any tears on my face?” he said.

Do you think we see Viddal Riley vs Isaac Chamberlain next?

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