Matthew Heys

A fan and participator of more or less all sports up to University level from Burnley, England. I now write as a freelance sports journalist. Boxing, a sport which became a great passion of mine, and I an ardent follower of, after watching the mesmerising brutal power of a young 20 year old who would go onto be known as ‘the baddest man on the planet’.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

DOB: July 12, 1962 – Obregon, Senora, Mexico Gym:  Azteca Boxing Club (trained at), JC Chavez Boxing Studio (owns) Location: Mexico City Manager: Ramon Felix Trainer: Cristobal Rosas, Emanuel Steward  Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional Nicknames: ‘J C Superstar’, El Cesar del Boxeo (The Caesar of Boxing), El Gran Campeon Mexican (The Great Mexican Champion), Mr …

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Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler – ‘Marvellous’: A Biography

DOB: May 23, 1954 – Newark, New Jersey RIP: March 13, 2021 – Bartlett, New Hampshire Gym: Petronelli’s Gym Location: Ward Street, Brockton Trainer(s): Pat and Goody Petronelli  Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional Nickname: ‘Marvellous Marvin’ Height: 5 Foot 8 inches. 173cm Reach:  75 inches Stance: Southpaw Weights fought at: Middleweight Professional Record:  Total Fights: 67Wins: …

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Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran ‘The Hands of Stone’: A Biography

DOB: June 16, 1951 – Guarare, Panama Gym: Neco de La Guardia Gym. Main Street Gym Location: Panama. Los Angeles Trainer: Ray Arcel Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional, Promoter and Film Star Nickname: ‘Manos de Pierdra’ (The hands of Stone), ‘El Cholo’, ‘Rocky’ Height: 5 Foot 7 inches. 70cm Reach: 66 inches Stance: Orthodox Weights fought …

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Thomas Hearns

Thomas Hearns: ‘The Hitman’: A Biography

DOB: Oct 18, 1958 – Grand Junction, Memphis, Tennessee Gym: The Kronk’s Gym Location: Detroit, Michigan Trainer: Emanuel ‘Manny’ Steward Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional, Promoter Nickname: ‘Tiger Tommy’, ‘The Motor City Cobra’, ‘The Hitman’  Height: 6 Foot 1 inches. 185cm Reach: 78 inches Stance: Orthodox Weights fought at: Welterweight, Light Middleweight, Middleweight, Super Middleweight, Light …

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Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson: A Biography!

DOB: May 3, 1921 – Ailey, Georgia RIP: April 12, 1989 – Los Angeles, California Gym(s): Stillman’s Gym, New York Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional, Entertainer Nickname: ‘Sugar Ray’ Height: 5 Foot 11 inches. 180cm Reach: 72 1/2 inches. 184cm Stance: Orthodox Weights fought at: Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light heavyweight Professional Record: Total Fights: 201Wins: 174Wins by …

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Jake LaMotta

Jake LaMotta – ‘Raging Bull’ Biography

DOB: July 10, 1922 – Manhattan, New York RIP: Sept 19, 2017 – Miami, Florida Gym(s): Gleason’s Gym Boxing Career: Amateur, Professional, Bar Owner, Comedian, Actor Nickname: ‘The Bronx Bull’, ‘Raging Bull’ Height: 5 Foot 8 inches. 173cm Reach: 67 inches. 170cm Stance: Orthodox Weights fought at: Middleweight, Light heavyweight Notable Fights vs: Billy Fox, Marcel Cerdan and six fights vs ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson …

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Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr ‘Superman’, A Biography!

DOB: January 16, 1969 – Pensacola, FloridaGym(s): Pensacola, Florida. Roy Jones Jr Boxing – Las Vegas. RJJ boxing school – Moscow RussiaBoxing Career: Amateur, Professional, Trainer, Commentator, RapperNickname: ‘Superman’, ‘RJ’, ‘RJJ’ ‘Captain Hook’ Height: 5 Foot 11 inches. 180cmReach: 74 inches. 188cmStance: OrthodoxWeights fought at: Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Heavyweight. Professional Record:  Total Fights: …

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